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Top 10 Medical Assistant Schools in United States

So you have finally decided to join a medical assistant school. Well good for you, with a career as a medical assistant you can enjoy the job security the medical field has to offer and since the training program does not last long, there is no doubt that you have taken the right decision for your career.

Now when it comes to joining a medical assistant school, a numerous options are available. Throughout United States, there are several accredited online as well as onsite institutions that offer formal training program to the students. So selecting the one that meets your budget and your expectations might take some time. With enough time and research, you will find the school that works out for you the best.

To make your search easier, I have listed out the top ten medical assistant schools below here. These are based on the ratings and feedbacks from the students and the professors so do give these schools a thought if you are in search for a reputed medical assistant school. It might turn out to be the one you are looking for

1.      Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold

At Anne Arundel Community College, students can choose from a range of training options that leads to a career in the medical field. These options include Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree, certificate program and the letter of recognition or the entry level courses; each of these options prepare students for the medical assisting career in the medical field.

During the training program students learn all the skills and techniques require for the profession through classroom interaction and clinical experience. The coursework includes topics on medial office clinical procedures, medical insurance and coding, medical terminology, pharmacology, fundamentals of medical assisting, principles of management, communication techniques and computing and information technology.

Each of these topics is classified into theoretical and practical components; the theoretical component is presented in a classroom setting while the practical component is presented in a clinical setting. Students need to complete both the component with grade C or better performance. Upon completion of the training program students are encouraged to take the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Contact Address

Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012-1895
Tel: 410-777-AACC (2222)

2.      Delaware Technical Community College in Georgetown

The college offers associate degree program in medical assistant. The training program prepares individuals to work in the ambulatory settings such as clinics and medical offices by providing comprehensive background in medical procedures and medical setting management.

Students learn all the core components of the course through classroom interactions and clinical experience. An experienced and qualified medical professional will demonstrate all the techniques and skills require to face the challenges in the clinical setting. The theoretical portion of the course on the other hand is presented in a classroom setting.

Students are encouraged and aided to take the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants after completion of the training program.

Contact Address

Delaware Technical Community College
Georgetown, Delaware 19947
Tel: (302) 856-5400

Medical Assistant Schools in United States

3.      West Georgia Technical College in Waco

The college offers diploma programs in medical assisting to those who are looking for a career in medical assisting. Students are introduced to the medial assisting field and are given trainings and skills to develop their occupational knowledge required for job advancement in the medical field.

There are two options to choose from in a medical assisting training program at West Georgia Technical College; health care assistant certificate option and healthcare science option. Both training option focuses on different aspects of the profession; the first option involves the administrative aspects of the industry while the latter options focuses on the lab and physical side of the career.

In both the options, students learn the required techniques and skills from classroom presentation and clinical setting demonstration by an experienced and qualified instructor. Since a certification from the state can always be beneficial in the career, students are encouraged to take the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants after completion of the training program.

Contact Address

West Georgia Technical College
176 Murphy Campus Boulevard, Waco, GA 30182
Tel: (770) 836-6615

4.      Chippewa Valley Technical College

One year diploma or certificate program in medical assisting is offered at Chippewa Valley Technical College that starts in either January or August. The program prepares individuals for the competitive medical assisting career by expanding their knowledge of medical assisting in an ambulatory setting such as the medical offices and clinical labs.

Students are presented the didactic component of the course in a classroom setting while the laboratory component is presented in a clinical setting. The coursework includes topics on medical terminology and ethics, human anatomy and physiology, clinical management and operation, communication techniques and more. Like in other training programs, students are encouraged to take the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants after completion of the training program.

Contact Address

Chippewa Valley Technical College
620 W Clairemont Ave Eau Claire, WI 54701
Tel: 715-833-6200

5.      Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Individuals who are looking forward to medical assisting career can join this college where medical assistant certificate program are offered that range from disaster preparedness to pharmacology.

Students are prepared to perform the administrative tasks and managing the medical setting along with the skills to aid the doctors and nurses. They learn these skills through classroom interactions and in a supervised clinical setting.

Most of the coursework are presented in the supervised clinical setting where the instructor, a medical professional will demonstrate all the skills and techniques. Students can interact directly with the patients and medical professionals and can apply what they have learned in a real life scenario. Upon completion, students are encouraged and aide to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Contact Address

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45223
Tel: (513) 569-1500

6.      Mount Wachusett Community College

Here students will have additional options to further their education through transfer into University of Phoenix or Charter Oak State College. The college has made transfer agreements with these institutions so students will get the opportunity to enhance their skills and techniques into any of these institutions.

The college itself offers medical assisting degree option to those interested in the career which focuses on the administrative as well as health science aspects of the field. The health science aspects include drawing blood, applying wound care, assessing vital signs and assisting doctors with examination.

The administrative aspect includes managing the clinical setting, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments and making referrals. Each of these skills is presented in the classroom as well as in the clinical setting. Students are encouraged and helped to take and pass the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants after completion of the training program.

Contact Address

Mount Wachusett Community College
444 Green St., Gardner, MA 01440
Tel: 978-632-600

7.      Piedmont Technical College

A diploma program in medical assisting is offered at Piedmont Technical College and the unique feature of this college is that the graduates can pursue an associate degree in Occupational Technology with a major in General Technology.

During the training program students learn both the administrative skills as well as the health science techniques require for the profession. Through classroom discussions and interactions, the theoretical component of the course is presented while the laboratory component is presented in a clinical setting.

The coursework includes topics on medical assisting, medical terminology and ethics, clinical setting management, computing and technology, assisting doctors and nurses in patient care, infection control and safety measures.

Graduates need to earn the CMA certificate to work as a medical assistant in the health industry which can only be achieved by taking and passing the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants. The college will aid students on this matter as well.

Contact Address

Piedmont Technical College
Greenwood, SC 29648
Tel: 1-800-868-5528

8.      Pima Community College

The unique feature about this college is that the students can choose from two different concentrations in the medical assistant certificate program; the administrative medical assistant and the clinical medical assistant. Both of these options prepare students for the different roles in the medical field.

The administrative medical assistant concentration focuses on the administrative tasks as a medical assistant such as managing the medical setting, taking phone calls, scheduling meeting, numbering patients, computing and recording patient records.

The clinical medical assistant concentration on the other hand involves the health science task such as assisting doctors and nurses on patient care, drawing blood, taking vital signs, informing doctors about the condition of the patients and following the safety measures for infection control. Both of these concentrations include classroom interactions, discussions and laboratory practices.

Since a CMA certificate is essential to work as a professional medical assistant in the field, after completion of the training program students are guided to sit the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Contact Address

Pima Community College
4905 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ
Tel: (520) 206-4500

9.      Southern Crescent Technical College

Want flexible options? Southern Crescent Technical College offers day and evening classes in medical assistant diploma programs.

Through classroom instruction and practical experience students are prepared to face any challenges up ahead in their career as a medical assistant. The theoretical portion of the courses such as the medical terminology, medical principles and ethics, and administrative principles are presented through classroom instruction while the laboratory component such as drawing blood, taking vital signs, assisting doctors and senior medical staffs, computing and administrative tasks are presented in a clinical setting.

The program prepares students for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants to get the CMA certification in order to work as a professional medical assistant in the health industry.

Contact Address

Southern Crescent Technical College
501 Varsity Road, Griffin, Georgia 30223
Tel: (770) 228-7348

10.  Waukesha County Technical College

Students can join the diploma program in Waukesha County Technical College which prepares individuals to perform the routine clinical and administrate tasks to keep the ambulatory setting such as clinics and the medial facilities running smoothly.

The coursework includes topics and theories on medical ethics and principles, taking health histories, computing, performing electrocardiograms, administering laboratory tests, drawing blood, applying medications on wounds, infection control and clinical managing.  Like in any other training programs, these topics are discussed and presented via classroom instructions and laboratory experience.

The program also aid students to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants in order to receive the CMA certification without which oen cannot work as a medical assistant within the health industry.

Contact Address

Waukesha County Technical College
Pewaukee, WI
Tel: (262) 691-5566

Bottom Line

Mentioned above are the recommended schools for your medical assistant training program. Upon my research, I came to find these 10 schools as the top medical assistant in United States. Each of these schools has some unique features and has been providing quality education and trainings since ages.

However it does not necessarily mean that you need to decide on either of these schools. If any of the mentioned one meets your budget and more importantly your expectations and you think it will help you meet your career goals then feel free to apply.

In case none of the mentioned schools fits your needs then there are still numerous options available, all you need to do is find the one that works out for you the best. Remember spending enough time for the search ensures that you end up with the perfect school. So do give enough time for the search. Accreditation, Reputation and the feedbacks of the students are some key terms to know how good the institution is.

With enough time and research, you will surely find the one that suits you the best. Good Luck!!


Best Medical Assistant Schools in United States

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  • Medical Assisting - Diploma
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assistant Technician (Associate in Specialized Technology Degree)
  • And more...
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  • Flexible, online and on-campus program available.
  • Capstone projects and clinical practicums that can help prepare students for more career opportunities.
  • Students learn from instructors with experience in the health care field.
  • Programs include Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, Master of Health Care Administration, and more.


  • Medical Assisting
  • BS in Health and Wellness
  • Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

Experience the Rewards of Caring, With ECPI’s Medical Careers Institute, you can Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in 2.5 Years or Your Associate’s Even Sooner through Our Year-Round Schedule!


  • Medical Assisting - Diploma
  • Medical Assisting - Associate's
  • Dental Assisting - Associate's
  • And more...
Locations: Virginia Beach

Centura College, with campus locations in Virginia, South Carolina and Florida, is dedicated to helping students gain the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. Drawing from over 30 years of career school experience.


  • Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Medical Assisting-Concentration in Clinical Support
  • Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Medical Assisting-Concentration in Management
Locations: Chesapeake

Miller-Motte Technical College (MMTC) has a history of helping students succeed through hands-on education and career training. Our faculty and staff work to ensure that when you've completed your program, you're truly ready to begin your career.


  • Medical Assisting - Associate of Occupational Science
Locations: Roanoke

Ultimate Medical Academy Educates Future Healthcare Professionals

You bring your goals and motivation to UMA, and we will provide you the education and the support to help make you a success!  Even if you haven’t been serious about your career before, we can help boost your confidence and prepare you for a career in healthcare.


  • Diploma - Medical Administrative Assistant
  • A.S. - Medical Billing & Coding
  • Diploma - Medical Billing & Coding
  • And more...

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10 Cool Careers in Education

When a career involves doing something that you really love and enables you to express your personality and includes better pay is what we call a cool career. Below here is a list of top 10 cool careers in education.

On Campus Tour Guide

As an on campus tour guide, you will show the university grounds to the prospective students and their families. You will then describe and show them all the amenities the university offers to the students and try to solve misunderstandings or confusions the students have.

This career demands excellent communication skills and pleasant personality and only those individuals who can represent the school in a positive and mature way will be hired for the profession. An on campus guide can expect to earn $15,000 to $25,000 per year in average.

Professors and Teachers

Professors and Teachers

People often think that this profession is lame and boring but actually it is one of the coolest careers out there. The whole career of a student depends on a teacher and most of the students believe that there is nothing teacher won’t know obviously within the related subject. It is thanks to them that we can learn everything related to the field. Our mother and father teach us only the basic things of life, all the major things are gained from schools through teachers. Now you still think the career is lame?

The pay is really good as well. One can expect to earn $40,000 and even more annually as the experience rise.

Cafeteria Cooks

Cafeteria Cooks

Another cool career in education can be the cafeteria cooks who make large quantities of food for school or any educational institution. It is all up to them to feed several hundred of students during the lunch hour as well as provide breakfasts daily. The career demands adequate culinary skills and experiences. Since the health of the students depends on them, they need to examine foods for quality as well as taste. As a cafeteria cook you can expect to earn an annual wage of about $22,000 in an average.

Like the name suggest, this career involves troubleshooting and fixing technical errors that can include either software or hardware issues. It is your role to manage the computer systems on campus and fix any errors that might occur without interrupting the class. The career demands adequate skills and knowledge in technology and may require a degree on related field. As an on campus IT support one can expect to earn $21,000 annually in average.

Education Administrators

Education Administrators

As an education administrator, your major responsibility will be taking care of the academic as well as non academic activities. Handling academic plans and holding meeting in case of policy change is some of the major role you need to play. You need to formulate plans and policies and update any of the old policies for smooth operation of the educational institution. So the career requires advance management skills and the individuals should be ready for the leadership roles. The career has some good paying and the average annual wage can be about $40,000.

Coaches and Instructors

Coaches and Instructors

This is another cool career for those who are interested on sports and love to teach students the fundamentals of sports. The career includes a range of options like you can be a basket ball coach or soccer coach or a coach of any sports; you can choose any of the specialization depending on your interest. Now as a coach you will instruct students about the fundamentals of sports and it will be your responsibility to prepare students for school competitions.

Sport is one of the popular extracurricular activities in any school in United States and several competitions are held every year.  The reputation of the school depends on these competitions so the coaches and instructors bear some major responsibility which demands enough experience and knowledge in the field. The pay is quite good though, one can expect to earn about $30,000 annually and even more.

School Counselors

School Counselors

School counselors play a major role in student’s life as they are responsible to solve their personal, social and behavioral issues. They also assist and guide students while choosing a major or during college admissions for further studies. Since the career focuses on the psychological aspects, individuals are required to have completed a formal training in psychology. It is also a lucrative career and the average annual salary can be more than $23,000.

On Campus Health Professional

Young Doctors Smiling

This career focuses on the medical aspects of an educational institution. Meaning, it will be your responsibility to provide medical aids to the students. A licensed medical professional is required for this position as they may have to offer medications to the students.

Most of the university hires a licensed doctor and nurses to provide medical aids to the students. They may have to perform small surgeries and apply medication on wounds in case of accidents. But if the condition is serious, students will be referred to a hospital. The profession demands degree and certification in medical practice and requires certain years of experience in the field. They are paid around $35,000 to $45,000 annually.

Homeroom Teacher

Homeroom Teacher

Unlike school teachers, homeroom teacher teaches students in their own home. Often times they are hired only when students cannot cover the classes or learn properly at schools. So in a sense they bear major responsibility on passing the students on their exams. There will be limited students, often times only one whom they have to teach and guide them to pass the exam. Compared to the school teacher, the salary might be lesser then again you won’t have a long working hour. With this career you can expect to earn around $1,500 a month.

Special Education Teachers

Elementary school classroom

This profession is slightly different than a teacher at schools or a university because you will have to teach physically handicapped or disabled students or elderly people. This career requires special trainings on course presentations and dealing with disabled and elderly people. They will not only present the academic skills but also important life processes skills to the students. These teachers are hired in special institutions dedicated for disabled and elderly education. One can expect to earn around $35,000 annually with this career.

Bottom Line

A career is only cool when you really enjoy it. Just because a career offers better pay does not mean that it is the best career option for you. Every career needs specific skills and trainings and few interpersonal qualities, fail to meet either of these and the same career could turn out to be the worst. So be careful before taking the final decision.

Find Popular Online Schools

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  • Digital Filmmaking & Video Production (BS)
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  • Master of Arts in Law - Non-Profit Management
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  • BA/Education Studies
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  • Recognized in the first Best for Vets: Business Schools list in Military Times Edge magazine’s 2013 “Best for Vets” edition.
  • Offers MUSE (My Unique Student Experience), a content delivery system that gives students the option to watch, view, read or listen to required course materials.
  • Allows students to complete courses at whatever pace they want.
  • A DANTES-affiliated university and member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges.
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Prepare for a Career That You Will Love … in Massage Therapy!

Do you want a career that offers the satisfaction of helping people and a work environment that is positive and exciting?  With the education you will receive at the Virginia School of Massage, that career can be yours. 


  • Professional Massage Therapy Program
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