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Choose the Best Fashion Design Schools to Accomplish Your Goals

Fashion is a dynamic, ever changing word. And the fashion industry is ever expanding and continuously growing. Only candidates with two traits creativity and confidence can get achievement in this field. But don’t worry you can get all this qualities incurved within yourself and become a fashion designer. You don’t have to worry even if you are  a beginner or a newbie. Thanks to Fashion Design Schools.

What are the qualifications I should posses to be a fashion designer prior to get admitted to a school?

You will have to meet certain requirements before you get admitted into a fashion design schools:

The requirements are as follows

Many higher universities such as Kent State requires you to have at least 2.50 points on a scale of 4.

SAT and ACT performance is necessary with at least an  score of 21 composite for ACT and 980 for SAT.

After you have completed the academic requirements, it’s still not sure you will be admitted. Many universities take some non academic test or assignments that you have to submit to the faculty members.

A well researched  portfolio always adds value wherever you go. Same is the case here. Faculty members emphasizes more on your portfolio and your presentation more than your high school marks.

How to become a Fashion Designer?

Step1: Complete the Prerequisites.

The first step is that you fulfill all the above mentioned prerequisites.

Step2: Join an accredited fashion Design School

A 2-4 year degree will certainly show that you are someone who have all the knowledge and qualities to be a fashion designer. So, your next step  is to join a fashion design schools where you will be taught all the skills necessary to become one. There are many schools who are offering such courses. So, always go for a accredited and a established college.

 How do I apply for fashion design schools through your site?

Don’t Worry. We are here to make your work easier. Now you don’t have to visit the school to fill your form. You can simply do it online here.
At the top of the page you can see a search box.
Fill up your postal Zip code and will be send to a page that contains school listing that are situated within your area.
Choose a school and fill up the necessary information.
You won’t be charged any fee to fill up the form.


You can also find various school listing below the page. Choose a school, Request Info and you are set to go.

What are the different options for fashion design schools?

1. Traditional universities and colleges

2. Various institute and organization

3. Fashion design schools which are specially designed for the sole purpose.

Which fashion design school should I get admitted to?

Select a school that is

  • accredited and established
  • close to your locality
  • comes within your budget

Step3: Make a good portfolio of your work

In the field of arts and fashion you are judged and known by what you have done. As said earlier portfolio matters the most and be sure you have the best deals there. Fashion design schools wil teach you in every step how to make a good portfolio and how to deal with every sort of personalities later in your life.

Step4: Do some internships and gain some experiences

Internships and experiences are the great way to gain quality skills and deals in your career. Hands on trainings and internships are very essential if you want to get a good employment opportunity. Internships are provided at retail business, design firms, or in the same university you learn.

Step5: Explore the market to become a renowned fashion designer

What are the subjects/skills you will be taught in your fashion design schools?

The subjects you will be taught are as follows:

  • Basic Math and English
  • Color Theory for Fashion
  • Garment and Composition
  • Contemporary History of Fashion
  • History of Costume
  • Textiles
  • Fashion Communication
  • Styles and Trends
  • CAD 1 for Fashion Design
  • Fashion Drawing
  • Fashion Draping 2
  • Gerber Technology
  • Portfolio
  • Pattern Grading and many more

The skills you will be taught are as follows:

  • sewing techniques
  • flat pattern making
  • apparel design
  • knitwear design
  • computerized pattern design
  • tailoring
  • fitting techniques
  • fashion history and business
  • menswear, swimwear and bridal design
  • children swear

What are the level of degrees offered at such schools?

1. The Associate’s Degree

If you are just interested into sketching, pattern making, being a fashion assistant with little effort or if you are a beginner associate degree is the best choice for you. You can complete your associate degree in fashion designing in about 2 years.

2. The Bachelor’s Fashion Degree

This degree is for those who want to get major skills to become a fashion designer. This degree is generally preferred to all the aspiring candidates who want to gain major achievements in this field. You can complete your bachelor’s degree in fashion designing in about 4 years.

3. The Master’s Fashion Degree

This degree is a one step ahead which can open plethora of options in your career. You can complete this degree after getting a bachelor’s degree.

What are the pros and cons of being a fashion designer?


  • You will be always loaded with interesting and variety of projects. So your job will never be a boredom.
  • The working environment and the place is certainly going to be fun.
  • With a little qualification and experience you can earn up to $75,000 annually which is a very good salary to earn your living.
  • You will get lots of opportunity for travelling.
  • As a human being you will be more creative and full of self confidence with time.


  • You may have to work for long hours and even overnight.
  • The pay scale can be sometimes hard to achieve.
  • You  will have  to undergo through lots of stress and criticisms of the clients.
  • In this fashion industry first you have to prove yourself that you are worth it then only you are going to achieve success otherwise a  extra drop of water in a sea don’t add any volume to it.

  Best Fashion Design Schools

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