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RN to BSN Nursing Programs: Why One Should Consider Joining it?

With the employment areas badly affected by the recent economic crises, many people are entering the medical field as it is the only area that is still flourishing. And with the growth in the number of people, the field has become more challenging and competitive. This goes to the nursing career as well especially to the Registered nurses.

Why RN to BSN Programs?

A registered nurse has basic knowledge and skills in nursing and is limited to perform entry level task in the medical field. Since more and more complex nature of health conditions are in the rise and the medical field is advancing even more; those knowledge and skills are inadequate to cope with this change and stay demanding in this competitive job market.

This is why the registered nurses should consider achieving higher level of education and one of the best options available is the RN to BSN program. Got a job and cannot attain a campus based program? There is an online option designed especially for these kinds of people who have a job and a family responsibility.

Throughout United States, there are several onsite as well as online RN to BSN programs, most of these are accredited and have been training registered nurses since decades. However one should remember that there are few of those non accredited programs which you must avoid; a degree from such program has no value.

Getting a BSN will surely open new doors of opportunity and career options in the medical field. You can enjoy higher salary, job security and satisfaction it brings. There are even those states where BSN is mandatory in the nursing career. There is no doubt that with time, it will be mandatory in other states as well. So it is better to prepare for the future from now on.

FAQ about RN to BSN Programs

RN to BSN Programs

RN to BSN Programs

What is actually an RN to BSN programs?

RN to BSN program is a bridge to higher level of education especially designed for working nurses who want to meet the growing educational job requirements of the health care industry. Several four year colleges and universities offer these kinds of programs and statistics show that it is gaining in more and more popularity.

It will take from one to two years to complete the training program depending on the type of program one chooses to join. Coursework includes topics on basic to advance nursing skills and techniques, human anatomy and physiology, safety measures and infection control, managing and controlling the nursing unit, communication techniques, latest medical achievements and procedures, and age specific patient care. All these courses are offered through classroom interactions, lab work and industry internships.

I am currently working and I don’t have time to attain a campus based RN to BSN program?

Well, there is an online option designed especially for those with busy time schedule. An online RN to BSN program will help you earn the BSN degree via online medium. But remember that the term online does not necessarily mean that the courses are presented completely online.

RN to BSN program is a technical, practical education and requires adequate amount of training in a clinical setting which cannot be presented via online means. It is the theoretical component of the course that is presented via online means such as online lectures, schedule video streaming and live chats. This is the component of the program that can be taken from anywhere and at anytime.

However for the next part of the program, students need to visit a college premises or a clinical setting associated with the college. There they will be presented with the clinical component of the course. Remember this is the important part of the program because this is when you learn the skills and techniques that will be used in your career ahead. Students can interact directly with the instructor and patients and can implement their learned skills in a real life scenario.

Students need to complete both the segment of the program with satisfying results. Several sites as well as few colleges and universities offer such programs to the registered nurses. But remember no matter which one you choose, it needs to be accredited or else your training and the degree will have no value.

Is RN to BSN program expensive? Are there any sorts of student aid options available?

No, they are not. In fact one can complete the program in less than $1,500. Community colleges are best known for affordable options while the training programs at the private colleges and universities are much expensive and can sometime costs more than $5,000. Online sites charge on hourly basis and can charge up to $150 per credit hour.

There are even some volunteer hospital and organization that offer free RN to BSN program. You will just need to spend for the books and other learning materials; the tuition fee will be covered by the hospital. But after completion of the program, students need to work as a nursing unit in the hospital or some other hospitals for specific period of time.

Yes, there are student aid options available to the deserving students. Grants, student loans and scholarships are among those options available. Both the government and the private sector offer such financial aid options to the students. However the competition can be pretty tough and very few will get accepted for such aid options.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The time period depends on the type of the program; online or onsite. As mentioned earlier, the online program can be completed in less than 2 years of regular study and clinical works. A typical online RN to BSN program would take 18 months to complete.

The onsite RN to BSN programs on the other hand can take up to four years to complete. There are few fast track courses as well that can be completed in two years. For those who choose the part time study option, it might take more to complete the same program when taken the full time study option. So basically, the time period depends on the option available.

Bottom Line

With an advance degree more career options will be available, the same goes with the nursing career as well. With the demand of experienced medical personal increasing every year, there is no doubt that someday, the BSN degree will be compulsory to work in the nursing industry. Getting the BSN degree is not only beneficial to you but to the patient and the medical industry as well. So get that degree now.

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