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The recent economic crisis has severely affected many of the employment areas. The medical field however is still flourishing. Medical Assistant is one of the most demanding and promising career in the medical field. So if you are in search for a new career or a fresh out from high school, try considering the career as a medical assistant. But first you need to complete a formal training from an accredited medical assistant school.

Medical Assistant Schools

Throughout United States, there are several private as well as public institutions that offer medical assisting programs to the students. Students can choose from a range of degree options that includes certificate or diploma programs or the associate degree programs.

What are the different programs offered by such schools?

1Certificate Program

These programs are especially designed for those people who want to enter the medical assistant career as soon as possible. The program lasts for about 9 months during which the students learn:

  • To collect and prepare laboratory specimens or perform basic laboratory tests on the premises
  • To dispose of contaminated supplies and sterilize medical instruments
  • To prepare and administer medications as directed by a physician
  • How to instruct patients about medications and special diets
  • How to draw blood and give injections
  • To take electrocardiograms and change dressings
  • To use computer to record patient’s health/test reports

Courses offered

  • Study Skills
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology
  • Computer Basics
  • Math Fundamentals
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Office Management
  • Introduction to Insurance and Coding
  • Examination Techniques
  • Clinical Aspects of Coding and Billing
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Medical Specialty Procedures
  • Communication

At the end of the program, there is an externship which is a great opportunity for the students to apply their learned skills and techniques in a real life setting, thus help them gain work experience.

2. Associate’s Degree Program

This program prepares individuals to assist medical providers by performing administrative duties and basic clinical duties in a medical/clinical setting. The program combines hands on training in core technical skills with general education that will enhance your ability to work in diverse settings.

Medical Assistant Schools

The program can be completed in less than two years of full time study. During this time, students learn a range of supplementary medical tasks such as:

  • Drawing blood, Urinalysis and collecting laboratory specimen
  • Analyzing and testing the specimen in a laboratory
  • Medication administration, Bookkeeping, charting and X Ray placement
  • Dealing with patients and describing them their medical condition
  • Preparing patients for the medical procedures
  • Handling telephone calls, recording data onto a computer database
  • Medical office management

Courses offered

  • Medical Practice
  • Medical Law and Insurance
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Patient Care and Preparation
  • Medical Records
  • Physiology, Anatomy and Terminology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Computer Basics
  • Infection Control and Safety Measures
  • Communication

Online Option

Technology has made it possible to earn the certificate or associate degree in medical assisting from home and at our own pace. The online option is especially for:

  • Those who have a busy schedule and cannot attain a campus based training program
  • Individuals who have a family to take care of
  • Those who are planning to work alongside earning the certificate or the degree

But one should not forget that the term online does not mean that the program is completely online. Only the didactic component of the course is presented via online means. Since the training program is practical based, the practical component of the program is presented in a clinical setting.

There are several sites as well as private and public institutions that offer online training program in medical assisting. But make sure that the online program you are looking forward to join is accredited by a recognized agency.

Licensure and Certification

Certification boosts job prospects for medical assistants. That is why upon completion of the training program, the students must take and pass a national examination to receive licensure.

Several organizations offer certification such as The American Association of Medical Assistant which awards The Certified Medical Assistant Credential and The American Medical Technologist that awards The Registered Medical Assistant Credential.

Applying into one of the Medical Assistant School

Step I: Complete the prerequisites

Before applying into any of the medical assistant school, you must satisfy certain requirements and prerequisites.

  • First one is the age limit. The applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Next is the academic achievement. You must hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent GED. A satisfactory GPA of at least 2.5 is required with grade C or better performance on subjects like math, science, health and English.
  •  Another one is to have a clean history. The students must undergo a criminal background check and a drug test. They need to pass these tests.
  • Next, the students are required to provide evidences showing that they are in good health and that they do not have any contagious diseases.
  • The online students need to have basic knowledge on computer and internet. They need to be good at time management and should be self motivated.
  • Finally, the students are required to have certain interpersonal skills. The field demands excellent communication skills with an ability to deal with every type of people.

Step II: Choose a Medical Assistant School

There are a number of options available when it comes to joining a medical assistant school. So choosing the right one may look like an overwhelming task. Below here are some guidelines that will make your search easier and thus help make an intelligent decision.

How do I apply for medical assistant schools through your site?

Don’t Worry. We are here to make your work easier. Now you don’t have to visit the school to fill your form. You can simply do it online here.
At the top of the page you can see a search box.
Fill up your postal Zip code and will be send to a page that contains school listing that are situated within your area.
Choose a school and fill up the necessary information.
You won’t be charged any fee to fill up the form.


You can also find various school listing below the page. Choose a school, Request Info and you are set to go.

How to select the right medical assistant school?

  • Give enough time for the search.
  • Locate the training schools at your area that offer medical assisting programs.
  • List out all these schools and categorize them based on their length.
  • Cut out those which do not offer the degree option you are looking forward to join.
  • Collect enough information about each of the schools that suits you the best.
  • Make sure that the program offers internships or externships during or at the end of the program.
  • Check its background, reputation, past results and feedbacks from students and professors.
  • Determine whether the school offer financial aid options. What are the student aid programs and does it covers the total cost.
  • Visit the college premises personally and if possible attain an interview with the program director.
  • Do you feel comfortable with the staffs and the faculty members?
  • Make sure that the instructor is qualified and experienced enough to do his work.
  • The online sites or institution needs to have a technical support group available 24/7.

Step III: Submit an Application

Now that you have selected your medical assistant school, nest thing you need to do is submit an application. Remember you need to pay for that application. But first read out the descriptions properly.

Next fill out the form with valid information and submit it along with the transcripts and other asked documents.

Apply into one of the student aid options offered by the institution or the federal government at your state as early as possible.

Calculate the total cost and determine whether the student aid program can cover it or not. If not then find an alternative such as private student loan programs. Just make sure that the financial issue will not come between you and your education when you are midway to the training program.

You may have to attain an interview with the program director or instructor so make sure that you are well prepared to attain one.

Upon acceptance, a college staff will contact you and will give you additional information.

The Bottom Line

If you are caring and compassionate and want a career that can be both personally and professionally gratifying then Medical Assisting could be the right choice for you. The job security, income and opportunities are all promising. So what are you looking for? Go join an accredited Medical Assistant School right now.

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