Pros and Cons of Becoming an Ultrasound Technician

Every profession has its own positive and negative sides and so does the ultrasound technician career. The career may lead to higher pay and better job satisfaction but there are some negative sides as well. Here we will be discussing about the positive and negative sides of becoming an ultrasound technician in the medical field.


Pros and Cons of Becoming an Ultrasound Technician

The career does not demand years of trainings and education

Unlike most of the other higher paying professions in the medical field, becoming an ultrasound technician does not require years of training and education. You will be prepared for the entry level positions in just 15 months. There are also certificate programs that can be completed within a year.

Those who are looking forward to the leadership and managerial positions within the career have the option to apply to the bachelor or master level education and trainings. Doctorate programs are also available in case you want to engage in your own research or want to teach the next generation of the ultrasound technicians.

Higher paying than many of the other professions

There is no denying that the ultrasound technician career is one of the highest paying professions in the healthcare industry. Recent statistics show that even the ultrasound technicians at the entry level positions are making more than $35,000 annually. Those who are engaged in the managerial or leadership position are earning as much as $70,000 annually.

The figures continue to grow as you gain more experience and education over time. In addition to the higher salary, you will be also provided with additional facilities such as free transportation, housing and food.

Ultrasound Technician Career will become a very booming profession in coming years

Recent studies have shown that more and more people prefer the sonography treatments over surgeries and medications as it does not involve any incisions or high dose of medications. That and the increasing number of elderly population have shown that the ultrasound technician career will become a very booming profession in coming years.

To be more precise, the data has shown that by 2016, the ultrasound technician will have to accommodate more than 200,000 human resources. This means there will be a lot of demands for ultrasound technician in coming years. So if you want a secure career in the medical field than this could be the perfect solution.


Ultrasound Technician career could be stressful

As an ultrasound technician you will have to deal with a number of patients in a day. Some patients may be hard to handle such as the children or pregnant woman. There might also come time when you will have to work with patients with severe wounds that means dealing with lots of blood. That is why; the career is not for everyone. Those who have faint heart or those who are not good with people may find the career a wrong place to settle.

An ultrasound technician needs to endure the physical stress

This is another discouraging factor of the career. The working environment of an ultrasound technician includes operating the sonography equipments and handling the patients. Most of their time is spent standing and they might have to move the portable sonography equipments to diagnose the patients who are unable to move. Sometime you may also be required to work for night shifts or overtime which can add more to the physical stress.

Handling the patient itself demands lots of physical works and moving patients can be quite stressful sometime. If you are not in good health and cannot cope with the stressful working environment then this might not be the career for you.

You will need to be ready all the time

Well this applies to almost every career in the medical field. Ultrasound technician also need to be ready all the time because the medical facility might call them in case of emergencies. Even if it’s your off hour, you will be called for aid in case there are emergencies and that the situation demands additional ultrasound technicians.

It is difficult to take a leave as well because your absence might jeopardize the whole facility in case of emergencies. The leave itself will be short unless you yourself are in critical situation. Since the life of a patient depends on you, you will need to be ready and on focus no matter how tried or stressed you are.


If you are interested in the ultrasound technician career then before taking your decision we recommend to consider all these encouraging and discouraging factor of the career. If you think you can cope with all these factors than only proceed towards the career. Remember the life of a person depends on you so do take the decision carefully.

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