Top 10 CNA Training Institutes in USA: Find The Best Class for You

Are you in a search for a good CNA training program? To make your search easier, here I have listed out the top 10 CNA schools in United States. But bear in mind that these are just few of the options available and does not necessarily mean that you have to decide on either one of these. Find the school that fits your needs and will help you meet your career goals.

 1.  American Red Cross

Since two decades, American Red Cross has been offering CNA training programs and is regarded as the best CNA training institutes throughout United States. Among most of those who are looking for a CNA training program, the American Red Cross comes in their first priority.

One of the main reasons for being the CNA training program at American Red Cross popular and highly praised is because it also offers free CNA training programs. The books and other learning materials however are up to the students to cover. But they do not need to pay the tuition fee or any other charges to the institute. An application charge however needs to be paid to get enroll into the free CNA training program.

But there is one thing; the students interested to apply for the free CNA training program should agree to work as a professional CNA after their training program for a definite period of time in the facility the institute decides.

Premium training programs are also offered and can cost between $610 and $1,900 depending on the type of the program one chooses. But bear in mind that only the graduates are eligible to seat in the competency test

2. Maine Medical Center

Want a program that does not last long? Maine Medical Center offer CNA training programs that can be completed in less than 11 weeks. The CNA training program at Maine Medical Center is a daytime course of 180 hours. The cost of the course as well as the books will be covered by MMC. During the training program students learn:

  • Age specific nursing skills
  • Infection control and safety measures
  • Communication and computer skills
  • Common health problems
  • Nurse assistant care
  • Medical terminology and management
  • CPR and BLS (Basic Life Support)

The didactic component of the course are presented in a classroom setting where an instructor will present all the theories and medical terminologies one needs to learn in order to become a CNA. The practical component on the other hand is presented in a clinical setting where students will practice taking vital signs and can interact directly with the patients which enables them to apply the learned skills.

Since most of your expenses are covered by the institute, students have to work with patients on nursing units at MMC. But before that, students need to take and pass the State Certification Examination. MMC will also aid students to pass the test. However the seats are limited and only the qualified and dedicated ones are accepted

3. York College

The CNA training program at York College is one of the popular training programs among the students. The curriculum includes a classroom instruction, practice at a clinical setting and industry internship to help students meet their career goals.

The courses as always are divided into theoretical portion which is presented during classroom instruction and practical portion which is presented in a clinical setting. Both the portion of the courses is presented by qualified and experienced health professionals who are committed to help students achieve their career goals.

Students can work as a professional CNA as an intern at the end of the program which will help them gain work experience which in turns enhances the skills and techniques they have learnt during their academic period. Students will be prepared to attend and pass the New York State Department of Health Certified Nursing Assistant Examination.

Another feature of this training program is that it is an affordable option to those with limited budget. One can complete this 130 hour program in as less as $1,299

CNA Training Institutes in USA

4. Career Colleges of America

The CNA training program at this institute is designed for adult learners who are interested in a career in the medical field. The courses include topics on nursing and patient health, safety measures and infection control, communication and dealing with the patients. Each course is presented in the classroom as well as in the clinical setting.

Students learn different nursing skills age specific and health condition specific when an experienced and qualified instructor demonstrate those skills in a real life scenario. Students can interact directly with the instructor and the patients and can apply their learned skills on them which help them enhance their skills and techniques.

The cost of the training program might be expensive ($2,400) as compared to other training programs but the included features really make it worth the sum

5. Century College

Looking for an online CNA program? Century College offers accredited online CNA programs at affordable price. The college itself is accredited under Higher Learning Commission.

The online program is designed to those individuals who have a busy schedule and plan to work during their academic period. The online option enables them to learn the theoretical component of the course via online mediums such as online lectures and discussions.

However for the practical component of the course students will have to visit the college premises or a clinical setting associated with the college. Meaning that the program is not 100% online; it’s only the didactic component of the course that is presented via online mediums.

Upon completion, students need to take and pass the national certification exam in order to work as a professional CNA in the medical field. The college charges $185 per credit hour for the online training program

6. Blinn College       

The CNA training program at Blinn College is designed to prepare students to face any challenges that might come ahead in their career as a CNA. Students learn the basic nursing skills, how to minimize the infection and control it, safety procedures, communication techniques and how to deal with elderly patients.

Besides that, students also learn to communicate using the medical terminology and how to record the medical report onto a computer database. The courses also include topics on management of the work area. The program includes 104 hours of lab works where students learn to apply their learned skills in a real life setting. Upon completion, students need to participate in the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services for licensure and certification. The college charges in hourly basis and can charge up to $300 per credit hour

7.  The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health

Here students are prepared for the long term career as a CNA giving them all the skills and techniques they need, to face the challenges up ahead in the career. Students learn these skills from classroom interactions and clinical experience.

The 145 hour course includes 60 hours clinical experience and remaining hours as the classroom interactions. Students learn the basic to advance nursing skills, infection control and universal safety measures, CPR and BLS and communication techniques from qualified medical personals. AED training is also included which is why the training program is quite popular among students.

The school is accredited under Accrediting council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The program is also regarded as one of the affordable training program in United States; one can complete the program in less than $1,328 or so

8. Dawn Career Institute

Looking for more flexible options? The CNA training program at Dawn Career Institute could be the right solution for you then as it offers both day and night classes. The day classes can last for about 10 weeks while the night classes last for up to 12 weeks. Each of these classes is designed to provide necessary skills and techniques to better prepare the students for the career as a CNA.

The coursework includes topics on human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, basic to advance nursing skills, communication techniques, techniques to deal with the patients and safety measures. Students learn these topics from committed medical personal in both the clinical as well as the classroom setting. Upon completion, students are encouraged and aided to take the state licensing test for certification and licensure.

Depending on the type of program one chooses to join, the costs can range from $5,120 to $6,144.

9. Houston Community College

Accredited under Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the CNA training program at Houston Community College is another popular option available if you are in a search for that perfect training program. The course features subjects on physiology and anatomy, nursing skills and techniques, communication techniques, patient care and infection control, universal safety measures and age specific nursing assistance.

In the classroom setting, students learn the theoretical courses which include the medical terminologies, physiology and anatomy, prevention and inflection control. While at the clinical setting, the basic nursing skills, communication techniques and other practical component of the course are demonstrated. Students enhance their skills and techniques through direct interaction with the patients and applying what they have learned in a real life scenario.

Since the certification is mandatory, students need to take and pass the state certification examination. The college will aid them to the examination. The CNA training program at Houston Community College is regarded as one of the most affordable program in United States as the tuition fee is just around $695

10. Resurrection Heath Care

The last but not the least, the CNA training program at Resurrection Health Care is yet another popular program in United States for those who are looking forward to start the career of a CNA. Students learn the nursing skills and techniques at the Nazareth Hospital in Chicago. This means that from your first day, you will get to experience the real life scenario where you will in working in near future.

The courses like usual focuses on the key topics of nursing such as physiology, anatomy, age specific patient care, safety measures, dealing with patients of any ages, medical terminology and communication techniques. Students will get the chance to work as an intern for limited period of time after completion of their training program.

Every cost from your tuition fee to learning materials will be covered by the institute. However upon completion, students need to work in the nursing unit of the hospital. So basically, you will be prepared for the CNA position in the same hospital. A certification is a must to work as a professional CNA so students need to take and pass the state certification exam for licensure.

What are the requirements one needs to meet in order to apply into one of these CNA classes?

The requirements and the prerequisites vary with the states. So they are not the same in every CNA institutes. So it’s better to read the descriptions and the policies carefully before applying into any of these programs.

And remember no matter where you plan to study, the school you choose needs to be accredited. And make sure that the CNA training program it offers is accredited as well or else you cannot take the state certification exam for licensure which is mandatory in order to work as a professional CNA in the medical field. So be careful with this one.

Below here are some of the common requirements, applicants need to satisfy to be eligible for the training program.

  • The first one is the age factor. The applicants should be at least 18 years of age, in some states the limitation is 16 years.
  • Next is the academic qualifications; applicants need to hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent GED. A satisfactory GPA with grade C and better performance on health related subjects and English composition increases the chance of acceptance in any one of the top CNA training school.
  • Another one is the interpersonal qualities. Applicants should have a genuine interest in helping others especially those in needs. They need to be good with every kind of people and of any ages. Good communication skills and a pleasant personality is a must for a successful career.
  • Next one is to have a clean history. Prior to admission, students need to undergo a criminal background check and a drug test. Fail in any of these tests and you will not be eligible to apply into any of these programs.
  • Applicants are also required to submit a recent health report which should have a full body check up report and immunization records to make sure that you do not have any kind of contagious or life threatening disease.
  • Online option requires students to have basic knowledge and skills on computer and internet. And since most of the communication takes place electronically, students should be good at managing time and should be self directive so that they can self learn all those topics without much guidance from the instructor.

Bottom Line

When it comes to selecting a CNA training school, you will have to face with numerous options. The ones listed above are among the top training institutes in United States so do consider them when making your final decision. Like I said, you need to select that school which you think will help you meet your career goals and meets your needs including the budget. With enough research and time, you can find the school that is just perfect for you. So best of luck for that.

CNA Training Institutes in USA

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