Top Ten Law Schools in United States

One has to face with numerous options when searching for a reputed law school in United States and finding the right one is not an easy task especially if you don’t have necessary guidelines and enough time for the search. That is why to give you the necessary information to determine which law schools you should apply to here I have listed out the top ten law schools based on the past results, student feedbacks and employment rates of the graduates

1. Harvard University

Harvard Law School is definitely the top law school out there in United States. The passed student results and employment rates at graduation is what had ranked this school to be at the top in our list. The school focuses on providing real life experience from the beginning of the training program. Students get the opportunity to test their legal skills in real life settings and it is compulsory for students to complete at least 40 hours of volunteer work before graduation.

Contact Address
Harvard University
1563 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

2. Yale University

Another good option for your law degree in United States is the Yale University which has been ranked at the second position in our top-ten list. The coursework is presented through classroom lectures and real life legal experiences. Students get engaged in legal works so they learn those skills to better prepare for the profession. During the training program, students also work as a volunteer which help enhance their learnt skills and techniques.

Contact Address
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520

3. Stanford University

With the competitive employment rates after graduation and passed results of students, Stanford University is another good option for your law degree in United States. The friendly staff and career focuses training program creates an interactive environment where students learn all the key skills and techniques required for the career. Students get engaged in community service projects and legal works which help them learn more about the profession and prepare them for the challenges up ahead in the career.

Contact Address
Stanford University
450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

4. Columbia University

This university is the best option for those looking forward to the teaching careers or judicial clerkships because special programs are offered in these specific careers during the training program. However this does not mean that the university is not good for other careers that involve legal works. The university has the placement rate of 96% of the graduate students which is a positive sign to those who are in a search for a good law school. The curriculum is presented through classroom lectures, discussions and real life legal experiences. Through volunteer work students are better prepared for the career.

Contact Address
Columbia University
Broadway, New York, NY 10027

5.  University of Chicago

This is yet another university with excellent passed results and competitive employment rates of gradates. Students learn both the didactic and practical component of the course through classroom lectures, interactions, group studies and instructions at legal clinics. During the training program, students can apply their legal skills and experience in a real life setting so that they can realize how much they have improved. At the final year, students get involved in volunteer works that involves applying their skills and techniques learnt during the training program. Upon completion, students are all ready to face the challenges in the field.

Contact Address
University of Chicago
5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637

6.  University of Pennsylvania

At University of Pennsylvania, students can expect to learn the topics and skills from a different prospective. From the beginning of the year, students get involved in legal clinics where they are presented with the clinical component of the course. The theoretical component on the hand is presented through lectures and discussions in a classroom setting. It is mandatory for students to complete at least 70 hours of pro bono work to receive the academic title. Upon graduation, students are aided to find a decent job. The employment rate of the graduates is around 94%.

Contact Address
University of Pennsylvania
423 Guardian Dr #175, Philadelphia, PA 19104

7.  New York University

With the 95.6% employment rates of graduates and satisfactory results of passed students, New York University boasts at the seventh position in our top-ten list. The training program includes a series of workshops where students gain the real life experience interacting with real clients and solving their legal cases. The topics and theories are discussed at the classroom and legal clinics so that they can learn the very same skills from a different prospective. Students are often involved in volunteer works which includes solving legal cases of real clients. This will help them learn something that cannot just be learnt during the academic years. Students are aided to get a decent job after completion of the training program.

Contact Address
New York University
726 Broadway #350, New York, NY 10003

8.  University of California – Berkeley

The employment rate of the graduates from University of California is about 92% which may be less than the top law schools but still is satisfactory. The curriculum includes presentation of didactic courses in a classroom setting and practical courses at a real life setting. The university has lots of legal clinics and workshops where students are involved in solving legal cases and other legal works. There they can apply their knowledge and skills learnt during the academic years. Volunteer works and direct interactions with the clients insure that the students are prepared for the career.

Contact Address
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

9.  Duke University

This university also has satisfactory employment rates of graduates thanks to the practical based training program. The training program gives more priority in clinical works at the legal workshops. That is why most of the training program is held at a legal clinic where the topics and principles are discussed and presented. Working with real clients and solving legal cases help students gain work experiences. Students are required to complete at least 50 hours of pro bono work before graduation. Students are awarded with the academic title only when they complete every component of the training program with satisfactory results.

Contact Address
Duke University
2138 Campus Dr, Durham, NC 27708

10.   University of Virginia

At the 10th position, the University of Virginia boasts with the employment rate of 98%. Students at this university have the option to study abroad during their second and third years. There are about 20 hands on clinics where students gain the work experiences as they can get engaged with real clients. Coursework includes topics and principles on the subject which are presented through classroom interactions and hands on training at legal clinics. Volunteering is yet another option to apply the skills and techniques learnt during the academic years. Graduates are aided when applying for a job after completion of the training program.

Contact Address
University of Virginia
580 Massie Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Wrap Up

All these listed ones are the best options available for your law degree in United States. That is why entering into one of these schools is not an easy task as there is quite a competition during admission. If you have what it takes to be a successful lawyer, then you are sure to get accepted; just have faith in yourself. Good Luck!

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