Ultrasound Technician Schools in Wisconsin

There is no denying that an ultrasound technician career is a wonderful career in the health care industry. The job satisfaction and security are promising in this career. And the good thing is that the career does not necessarily require years of trainings and experiences. In just 15 months you can start working as an ultrasound technician and start earning around $40,000 annually.

As for your trainings, there are couples of good options available and Wisconsin is one of them. Here you will be provided with the right training programs and education combined with a strong job outlook upon graduation. In this article we will discuss about the different ultrasound technician training programs available in Wisconsin. So let’s begin.

Ultrasound Technician Trainings in Wisconsin

ultrasound technician schools in wisconsin


There is a whole range of options to choose from when it comes to ultrasound technician schools in Wisconsin. Students can choose from both the onsite based program as well as online based program. However the onsite based program is much more preferred because ultrasound technician training is more practical based and focuses on hands on practices rather than the classroom lectures and discussions.

Online vs. Onsite Based Training Program  

But again it does not mean that the online based programs are bad; it is still a good option for those with busy schedules or those with family responsibility. One thing to remember about the online based program is that it is not for everyone.

The program demands certain interpersonal skills like excellent time managing skills, self motivated and self directive qualities. This is because the online students need to manage and collect their learning schedule on their own and there is less involvement of instructor.

Next thing students need to know about the online based program is that the program is not completely online. It is only the theoretical component of the course that is presented online. And this is the only component of the program that can be taken from anywhere and at anytime. As for the clinical component, students need to visit either the college facility or some associated clinical setting.

As for the onsite based program, it follows the regular teaching practice in which the didactic component of the course is presented via classroom lectures and discussions and the practical component via clinical instructions and hands on practices. Students need to attain regular classes that will be held at the college facility or some associated clinical settings.

What are the degree options available?

Depending on your career goals, students can choose from a range of certificate and degree options in ultrasound technician program in Wisconsin. There is certificate or diploma program, associate degree program, bachelor degree program and higher degree options such as master’s degree or doctorate option in sonography.

For higher degree options, students must complete a bachelor’s degree in sonography and as for the rest of the training options you are required to meet certain requirements and prerequisites. The duration of the training program varies with the training option; the certificate program can be completed in 15 months while the associate degree can take two years to complete. The bachelor’s degree program will take four years and the higher degree programs can take additional two years for completion.

That is why students need to take the decision carefully and should read the descriptions of the program clearly. Keep in mind that you need to take the decision based on your career goals, each of these training option leads to specific role as an ultrasound technician in the medical field. But as always, it’s better to gain higher education like bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Affordable Training Options

Compared to the private institutions, the training programs at community colleges and other government organizations are much affordable. Sometimes hospitals and some private health care facility will also offer ultrasound technician program at low costs. However at these institutions students need to work for them after graduation.

Private institutions may charge you more for the ultrasound technician program but they do offer more clinical hours as well as other opportunities to the students like volunteering and internships to help them enhance the skills and techniques they have learned during the academic years. Besides that they also aid students on finding a decent job upon graduation and this is why spending few more dollars at the private institutions can be worth it.

The Bottom Line

Wisconsin is one favorable place for your ultrasound technician trainings. There is whole range of options to choose from and the job outlook upon graduation is also promising. A recent survey has proved that in Wisconsin, the annual salary of an ultrasound technician is far greater than at other states. So do consider Wisconsin for your ultrasound technician training program.

Best Ultrasound Technician Schools in Wisconsin

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