How to Search For Good Ultrasound Technician Schools?

Provided that you don’t wanna see yourself in the growing crowd of jobless ultrasound technicians, then we suggest you to pay extreme care while choosing a sonography school. Now, the growing popularity of this lucrative and exciting sonographer’s jobs did certainly resulted in a huge surge of great many ultrasound schools and colleges, all of which, no doubt, try to enchant innocent students with “we provide the very best ultrasound training” kinda advertisements. However, some bad ultrasound schools may also be employing these promotional claims. Thus, precisely for that reason we are here with some tips that would prove useful in your hunt of good ultrasound programs.

Tips To Find A “Good” Ultrasound Technician School:–

1. Contact Your State’s Nursing Board To Learn The Names Of Accredited Sonography Schools!

Don’t hesitate to say “bye bye” to such schools and colleges which may have tried but couldn’t yet be graced with the accreditation of your state’s nursing board. And, as it happens, your nursing board does have this good habit of recording the names of their state accredited ultrasound programs.

Now, a quick visit to the nursing board premises or its official website would probably fetch you the list of the state accredited sonography programs that you may enroll with full confidence.

Ultrasound Technician Schools

2. Ensure That Your Chosen Ultrasound Program Qualifies For ARDMS Certification Exam!

If we were to look from the educational point of view, any schools with quality ultrasound curriculum are OK to enroll at…but, if we were to slightly change our viewpoint and rather look from the job aspect, then all we recognize is a CAAHEP (that’s short for Council for Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) accredited ultrasound school; any other schools without accreditation from CAAHEP is presumably not worth attending. Of course, you may ask “Why CAAHEP?” which is our cue to boast about the goodness of CAAHEP accredited programs:–

i)                    Quality Teachings:– Enrolling at a CAAHEP accredited program means that you will be getting to explore an up-to-date ultrasound coursework, under the teachings of experienced faculty staffs.

ii)                   Full Theoretical & Clinical Credits:– That CAAHEP accredited program will not only offer theoretical and laboratory practices but also subject you to clinical internship at some ultrasound facilities.

iii)                 ARDMS Certification Exam:–Each and every fledgling ultrasound technicians, upon graduation from their school, start to look here and there for jobs. But, as it happens, employers tend to offer employment to only such sonographers, who have been tested OK by the ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) authorities. Hence, forget the job and try your luck at the ARDMS certification exam, which is thankfully open for any graduated students of CAAHEP accredited sonography programs.

You see, CAAHEP accredited ultrasound schools are seemingly the best destinations for receiving your sonography education, not only because of their quality curriculum but also because of the qualification that they grant for sitting in the ARDMS test.

By the way, there are currently over 150 ultrasound schools, which have been favored with the accreditation from CAAHEP. You can easily trace out the names and locations of those schools from the official site of CAAHEP (type And, oh, let me also confide you that out of the 4 or so CAAHEP accredited online ultrasound schools, only 2 schools are still favored with the countenance of CAAHEP.

Note:–Non-CAAHEP-accredited schools’ ultrasound graduates may have to contact SDMS (i.e. Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) and complete the required clinical credit hours at a recognized laboratory, in order to earn the qualification to sit in the ARDMS certification exam (consists of the Sonography Principles & Instrumentation test and the Specialty exam).

4. Keep Your Eyes Open For Ultrasound Schools With High Rate Of Job Placement!

Most of the time, graduating from an ultrasound tech school, even if its accredited, doesn’t really guarantee your chance of getting a job. No wonder, the crowd of jobless and frustrated ultrasound techs is increasing gradually. Now, if you don’t wanna see yourself in this jobless crowd, then at the time of choosing your ultrasound school, do look out for such state accredited schools that offer job placement facilities.

3. Enquire Hospitals & Other Ultrasound Job Providers About Sonography Schools That They Favor!

If you really care about getting employed right after your graduation, then we advise you to enroll at an ultrasound school which enjoys good reputation on your country and  whose ultrasound graduates are favored and trusted by the potential employers.

Therefore, taking ultrasound school recommendations from the healthcare industries’ potential employers (like maybe that surgery hospital in your region or that physician’s office down the road) will certainly yield you a prospective ultrasound career, letting you relish a yearly income of as high as $70,000 (gets better with experience).

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