Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Schools in Chicago

Chicago is one of the favorable destinations for your LPN training in United States. Recent surveys have shown that the demands for medical personal in Chicago are increasing at high rate every year which is why the state has formulated new plans and polices to attract students in the medical career. Now the medical students can enjoy more financial aid options, internship opportunities and job placement options. You will get the same features in the LPN training programs as well.

As for the training programs, there is a whole range of options available. Throughout Chicago, there are numerous schools that offer LPN training programs to the students. Depending on their needs, they can choose either the online training option or the onsite training option.

Online LPN Training Program

However students should not get confused over the term “online.” The term does not necessarily mean that the program is completely online. This is because the LPN training programs and education is not a theoretical concept so most of the topics are practical based and needs hands on training in a well equipped clinical setting.

The online students can however learn the theoretical component of the course via online mediums. This is the only component of the program that can be attended from any part of the world and at anytime using the online mediums.

As for the practical component of the course students need to visit the college premises or some clinical setting where they will be engaged in hands on trainings in a real life scenario. In order to receive the academic certificate, students must complete both the component of the program with satisfying results.

Onsite LPN Training Program

lpn schools in chicago

The onsite training programs on the other hand follows the traditional concept of teaching in which students need to visit the college premises regularly in order to attain the regular classes. Students learn the theoretical component of the program through classroom interactions and lectures and the practical component through clinical settings and hands on practice in a real life setting.

At the end or during the training program some schools offer internship opportunities to the students. This will enable students to work as a professional LPN in a real life setting and is a perfect opportunity to gain real life experiences.

Licensure and Certification

It is mandatory in Chicago to be state certified in order to work as a professional LPN in the medical field. This ensures that only qualified individuals provide health care aid to the public. Graduates from the LPN training programs are also required to take and pass the NCSBN (National Council of State Boards Nursing) exam in order to receive the board certified licensure.

The exam consists of multiple choice questions related to nursing and safety measures and demonstration of learnt skills and techniques in an actual environment. All these tests are done under the direct supervision of a medical professional and students are not aided at all. Once they earn a satisfactory mark, the board will award them with the practical nursing licensure.

Affordable Options

If you want affordable LPN training programs in Chicago then the community colleges and other public institutions are the way to go. These institutions offer the training programs at much lower prices as compared to the private institutions. Furthermore, there are financial aid options available to the deserving students. However at most of the public institutions, the number of students is quite large so it is impossible for students to get individual attention from the instructor at such institutions.

Private institutions may charge more for your LPN training program but can actually be worth it because at most of the private schools, students receive trainings and education in smaller groups so the instructor is able to give individual attention to the students.

Furthermore compared to the public institutions, the private institutions offer more clinical hours and additional opportunities such as internship opportunities which prepare students for every challenge they might face in the career ahead. So if you can afford then do consider the LPN training programs at private institutions, it might just turn out to be the one you are looking for.

Choosing a LPN training school

Without proper guidance and instruction, you might end up with a wrong training program because there are a lot of options available in Chicago. Among these options there are few of the unaccredited ones that you need to avoid because a certification from an unaccredited institution does not have any value and you will not be eligible to sit for the state certification exam. That is why one needs to be cautious when choosing a LPN training school in Chicago. Below here are few of the guidelines that will help you take the right decision.

Make sure that the LPN training Program is accredited

First, list out all the LPN training schools that meet your eye. Remember just because the school has been accredited does not necessarily mean that the LPN training program it offers is also accredited. So make sure that the LPN training programs are accredited as well.

Collect Details about the School and Program

Next is to collect details about the school and the program. This includes the school’s reputation, past results, the program cost, length, quality of education and feedbacks from the students. These details can be gained via online mediums. Then again, it is recommended to visit the college premises personally to make sure that the info is true. If possible attain a meeting with the program director and discuss about your career goals and the confusions you have.

Take careful notes

It is better to take notes for each school you searched. Highlight its key features as well as the downsides. This way you can compare the school and makes it easier to take the final decision.

Take the final decision

When you are done searching and collecting information, consult your note and discuss it with your elders or with those who are well informed about the topic. From the note, select the one that seems to be the best option for you. But remember you need to satisfy few requirements and prerequisites in order to be eligible for the program. So do read the descriptions properly before applying into any of the LPN training school in Chicago.

Wrap Up

Chicago has always been a good destination for students seeking a LPN training program because of the quality of the education and opportunities the state offers. So if you are in search for a good LPN training school then do consider the schools at Chicago, it might surprise you. Best of Luck!!

Top Schools Offering LPN Classes in Chicago

  • Kaplan University Online Degree Programs
  • Attend college on your terms. Kaplan University offers fully online degree programs that fit any schedule.


  • MS in Nursing
  • Master of Science - DNP Path (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  • Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care
  • And more...
  • Why study nursing at Grand Canyon University?
  • Our bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing are CCNE-accredited and the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions (CONHCP) is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing.
  • We provide many options to prepare you to begin or advance your nursing career, including bridge programs and dual degrees.
  • GCU provides a low student-to-teacher ratio and a Christian environment that provides an opportunity for you to embrace a holistic approach to caring for patients.
  • Request more information today about program offerings, CCNE accreditation, start dates, financial aid and more!


  • Doctor of Nursing Practice with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership
  • M.S. in Nursing with an Emphasis in Leadership in Health Care Systems (Bridge)

CTU can help you connect to what matters most: a powerful professional network, faculty who are real-world professionals and innovative technology. And now several CTU degree programs are ranked by U.S. News Best Online Programs for 2015.  Are you in?


  • Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Administration

Northwestern College is a special place. Focused programs. Flexible schedules. Supportive faculty. Externship opportunities. But you probably know all of that. What you may not know is what’s behind it. Our history, our mission, our whole philosophy really. Simply put, it’s about preparing people well and quickly for a lifetime of opportunities.


  • Nursing
  • Medical Assisting Certificate
Locations: Bridgeview

Earn your graduate degree online with Northcentral University.  We offer online programs focused on doctoral and master’s degrees in the schools of business and technology management, education, psychology and marriage and family sciences.

Earn your graduate degree online with Northcentral University.  We offer online programs focused on doctoral and master’s degrees in the schools of business and technology management, education, psychology and marriage and family sciences.

The field of technology is rapidly evolving to meet the growing demands of modern society. For those seeking a future in tech, this means maintaining skills, increasingknowledge and quickly adapting to change. For today’s students, however, successwill require dedication, commitment and access to education specifically designedto meet the demands of this dynamic industry.


  • Doctor of Education - Nursing Education
  • PhD - Addictions
  • PhD - Gerontology
  • And more...

The University

With over 80 years of academic achievements, Jacksonville University is a traditional, longstanding institution consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's best colleges.


  • MSN Clinical Nurse Educator
  • MSN Leadership in Healthcare Systems

At Denver College of Nursing, we believe good nurses are the future of quality healthcare. That’s why we strive to achieve excellence in healthcare education every day. We know our students can make a difference in others’ lives while in school by participating in SNA, community service, service –learning and GHP, as well as after graduation—and for years to come.


  • Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Get allied health training with Ross Medical Education Center. We offer programs in dental assisting, medical assisting, medical insurance billing and office administration, and pharmacy tech.


  • Medical Assistant
Locations: Bettendorf

Logan is a non-profit university founded in 1935. Logan University has remained grounded in chiropractic education, while continuously enriching academic options with degree offerings in health sciences since 2012.


  • Doctor of Health Professionals Education
  • Master of Science - Sports Science & Rehabilitation
  • Master of Science - Nutrition & Human Performance
  • And more...
  • BSN completion program for Registered Nurses is available entirely online.
  • The RN to BSN program is designed to help students advance their career, or prepare for post-graduate opportunities.
  • Courses teach modern health assessment and treatment methods, how to evaluate potential disease or injury, and more.
  • Regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
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