Top 10 Ultrasound Technician Schools in United States

There are several schools throughout United Sates that offer a range of certificate and degree options in ultrasound technician trainings but very few are regarded as the nation’s best ultrasound technician schools. Below here is a list of top 10 ultrasound technician schools known to be the top and best in United States.

These schools have a good reputation among the students and normally fall on the top priority. So if you are in a search for a good ultrasound training program then do consider the schools mentioned below, it might just turn out to be the one you are looking for.

1. Armstrong Atlantic State University

The university offers Bachelor of Science in radiologic sciences which include studies of radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and sonography. The coursework focuses on these topics and are presented via classroom interactions and clinical instruction.

The clinical component of the course is presented in on campus laboratories where students receive hands on training as they get the opportunity to operate the radiographic equipments and treatment panning computers. Graduates from this program will be eligible for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) certification exam.

Program Duration: 129 Semester Hour
Tuition Fee: In-State: $3,050 Out of State: $10,658
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Armstrong Atlantic State University
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419
Phone: 912-344-2576

2. Barry University

A four year bachelor’s degree program in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound with a minor in Biology is offered at Barry University. Students learn the core components of the courses through classroom interactions and laboratory instructions.

The main feature of the university is that the fourth year of the program includes internships during which students can work as a professional radiography technician and gain work experiences. This is also an excellent opportunity to enhance those knowledge and skills you have learned during the academic years. Upon completion, students will be eligible to take the ARDMS certification exam.

Program Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fee: $24,500
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Barry University
11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33161-6695
Phone: 1-800-756-6000

3. Medical College of Georgia

The college offers two years training program that covers echocardiography, vascular and cardiac sonography and clinical internships. Students learn the core curriculum through classroom interactions and clinical settings. Through internships, students gain work experiences and are better prepared for the challenges up ahead in the career.

Financial aid options are available to the deserving students. The college is accredited under the Accreditation of Allied Health Programs so the graduates will be eligible to sit for the ARDMS certification exam for licensure and certification.

Program Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: In-State: $5,210, Out of State: $17,472
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Medical College of Georgia
1120 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30904
Phone: 706-721-2209

4. Nebraska Methodist College

A range of options is available in the two year training program in Nebraska Methodist College, students can choose from either the cardiovascular sonography or the multispecialty sonography in the training programs. Additional options include continuation of the bachelor’s degree plus an advanced skills certification program. The coursework are offered in the classroom and a clinical setting where students learn all the skills and knowledge require for the ultrasound technician profession.

There are even more options in the bachelor continuation; it can either be completed part time or full time and is available online.

Program Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: $17,204
Type: Onsite, Continuing Education is available online

Contact Address

Nebraska Methodist College
720 N 87th Street
Omaha, NE 68114
Phone: (402) 354-7200

5. Newman University

The university offers 2 year certificate program in sonography and the coursework covers echocardiography, obstetric and vascular sonography and abdominal sonography. These topics are discussed on the classroom and the clinical setting where an experienced and qualified instructor will present the components of the course.

Upon completion of the training program, students will be aided to take the ARDMZ exam for licensure and certification. The university has received positive feedbacks from thousands of students as the employment rates of the past students are satisfactory.

Program Duration: 2 years
Tuition Fee: $17,688
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Newman University
3100 McCormick
Wichita KS 67213
Phone: 316-942-4291

6. Oregon Institute of Technology

The institute offers four year bachelor’s degree program in diagnostic medical sonography; the first three years includes classroom works while the last year includes externships which provides opportunity to work as a professional in the medical field and gain work experiences. The training program covers the different specialization field such as the vascular and obstetric sonography, pelvic, abdominal sonography.

Students will also have the option to choose the bachelor program in echocardiography and vascular technology but needs to have previous health care trainings. Graduates gain eligibility to sit for the ARDMS exam to receive licensure and certification.

Program Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fee: In-State: $5,618, Out of State: $14,690
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Oregon Institute of Technology
3201 Campus Drive
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Phone: 541-885-1000

7. Rochester Institute of Technology

A range of certification and degree options are available in Rochester Institute of Technology in Ultrasound training programs. Students can choose from either the certificate programs which have additional options i.e. general ultrasound and echocardiography. Advance degree option includes bachelor degree in general ultrasound.

The certificate programs are for those who want to start their career from the entry level positions while the bachelor’s degree program is for those who are looking forward the management and leadership positions. Both the programs include internship at two or more facilities which is why the institute is quite popular among the students.

The bachelor’s degree program covers the abdominal and obstetric and vascular sonography while the certificate program covers basic knowledge and skills related to the specialization field. The components of the courses are offered through classroom interaction and clinical instructions. It is only in the internships when students receive work experience o better prepare for the profession.

Program Duration: Certificate: 70 credit general and 62 credit echocardiography, Bachelor: 184 credit
Tuition Fee: $26,481
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Rochester Institute of Technology
One Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5603
Phone: 585-475-2411

8. Seattle University

The university is accredited under CAAHEP and offers bachelor’s degree program in diagnostic sonography that covers vascular, pelvic and abdominal sonography and echocardiography. Students learn the core components of the course are offered through classroom and clinical instructions and through internships.

Additional options are available in the internships options and include the adult cardiac, vascular, obstetrics and gynecology sonography and general sonography specialties. During this time, students work as a professional in one of the clinical setting associated with the college and gain real life experience. It is also an excellent option to enhance he knowledge and skills they have learned during their academic period.

Program Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fee: $28,260
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

Seattle University
901 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-296-6000

9. University of Oklahoma

The university listed in the 25th position as the best school for public health programs on US News and World Report’s 2011 offers undergraduate degree programs in sonography. The coursework includes theories on sonography technology and equipment handling; students will learn how to perform the sonography procedure and handling patients as well as troubleshooting the equipments.

During the training programs, students come in contact with gynecologists and obstetricians who will guide them in their clinical works. Graduates will be prepared for the entry level positions in the medical field but before that they need to receive the licensure from the ARDMS certification exam.

Program Duration: 4 years
Tuition Fee: In-State $132 per credit, Out of State: $520 per credit hour
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

University of Oklahoma
660 Parrington Oval
Norman, OK 73019-0390
Phone: (405) 325-0311

10. ATI College

The college offers certificate programs in ultrasound technology and offers required knowledge and skills to better prepare for the students for the entry level position in the medical field. The coursework includes topics on medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, abdominal, vascular, obstetrics and gynecology sonography, physics and instrumentations, computing and communication techniques.

The curriculum includes internships during which students gain real life experiences as they will get the opportunity to work as a professional in a clinical setting. Certification from the state to work as an ultrasound technician in the medical field is not mandatory in California, then again graduates are encouraged and aided to take the ARDMS certification exam.

Program Duration: 14 months
Tuition Fee: $19,260
Type: Onsite

Contact Address

ATI College
1125 E. 17th St., Suite N251
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: 714-730-7080

Ultrasound Technician Schools in United States

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